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Why do Children Tell Lies?

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This printable kit educates parents on children’s habit of lying, the actual reasons behind it, parents role in responding when children lie. It is designed to encourage parents to role model honesty and undertake the self-reflection exercise whenever they witness their children lying. It also empowers children to self-reflect by maintaining the journal which is provided in the kit. The colorful, fun, and the unique conceptual theme will want children to use it as a part of their daily routine. The kit contains printables on:

  • How to respond when your child lies?
  • Story on Truth & Lie
  • My self-reflection Journal (For children)
  • How Parents role model honesty
  • Call out Conversation – A parent’s contribution to a child’s journey from lying to honesty
  • A Self-reflective exercise for parents

This is a digital downloadable product. It is suggested to take color printouts of the printables and laminate them for long-lasting use.