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Discipline in The Indian Context

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This masterclass is about a methodical & holistic approach to the entire concept of disciplining children; it educates parents on the negative effects of traditional disciplining concepts like spanking and punishing children. It talks about the short-term & long-term guidance to disciplining them, likely challenges parents could face and how must parents practice 'Alternatives to Punishments'. It is about connecting children to a level that they understand the goodness of being disciplined in their life and follow it without parents' supervision all the time.

Total Duration: 60 Minutes

No of Modules: 3 (20 minutes each module)

What We Will Cover

Module 1

- Concepts & meaning of discipline
- How various parenting styles affect the way you discipline your child?
- An ideal parenting style you could adopt
- Unique psychological needs of your child
- and so much more..

Module 2

- long-term strategies you could adopt to foster the spirit of discipline in your child
- Age-specific short-term approaches you could adopt in your everyday life to discipline your child
- and so much more...

Module 3

- Probable challenges you could face while trying to discipline your child
- Punishments!
- If you ever need to punish your child, what must you resort to? An introduction to ‘Alternatives to punishment’
- and so much more..