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Create a Successful Child

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Every Parent wants a successful child, but what is the definition of success and what does it take to make a child successful? This masterclass focuses on building that secret ingredient in your children, which is a ‘Positive Self Esteem’. This is the best gift parents can give to their children. When parents focus on building healthy self-esteem in their children right from their toddlerhood, they prepare a future-ready child, a successful child.

Total Duration: 40 Minutes

No of Modules: 1

What We Will Cover

Module 1

- What is it that a child requires to become successful in life?
- What does it take to generate these qualities in a child to make them successful?
- Self-esteem; what is Self-esteem, Qualities of ac hild with high Self-esteem, High vs Low Self-esteem,
- Role of parents in shaping a positive Self-esteem in a child
- 9 factors that shape a child's self-esteem
- and so much more..